Wild Cats

18,50 15,73 IVA Inc.

Viene presentado en una cómoda carterita, que podrás llevarte a cualquier sitio.

Lengua: Inglés.

Tipo: Juego de cartas.

Jugadores: 3


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A 3-card game of hila­rious feli­ne deduc­tion

Wild Cats is a social game for 3 pla­yers. Pla­yers are one of three cats riding in a poli­ce car back from an arrest. There’s a Good Cat, Bad Cat and a Wild­cat. A scuf­fle ensues and someo­ne is get­ting thrown out of the car. The Good Cat wants the Bad Cat out becau­se he’s anno­ying. The Bad Cat wants the Good Cat out becau­se he wants all of the cre­dit. The Wild­cat just wants to get out.

Deal out the 3 cards ran­domly and follow the rules on the cards. Do wha­te­ver! Inte­rro­ga­te your oppo­nents. Grill them (not lite­rally). May­be you’ll make bold sta­te­ments that coin­ci­de with your role? The­re is so much room for explo­ra­tion, but remem­ber to follow the rules on your card and don’t look at your oppo­nents’ cards.

As the Good Cat, you need to suss out the Bad Cat and get the Wild­cat to also vote for the Bad Cat. If you’re the Bad Cat you want the oppo­si­te. But if you are the Wild­cat, you need to get someo­ne to vote for you, and figu­re out exactly who it is to crea­te the three way tie.

When you are ready to vote, count to 3 and point at the pla­yer that you want out. The pla­yer with the majo­rity of the votes is eli­mi­na­ted. Reveal your cards to see who won!