Weird War I — Player’s Guide (tapa blanda) — Savage Worlds

19,99 16,99 IVA Inc.

Autor: James Cambias and Teller

Encuadernado: Tapa blanda

Páginas: 96 en color

Idioma: Inglés


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Your Country Needs You!

The world is at war! It’s time for your hero to join sol­diers, sai­lors, mari­nes and all-new air­men in the grea­test war the world has ever known! Fight for glory in what is sure to be a short and man­nerly con­flict, then come home with a chest full of rib­bons to win the kiss of your best gal or guy!

That was the pitch. Now you find your­self knee-deep in mud and cor­pses on some for­sa­ken battle­field in nort­hern Fran­ce. The ser­geant blows the whistle. It’s time to stand up, fix bayo­nets, and give the enemy hell in one of the most horri­ble wars ever to defa­ce the world’s fiel­das and forests. Your country in coun­ting on you, sol­dier. Over the top you go…

The Weird War I Player’s Gui­de con­tains everyt­hing you need to make and equip cha­rac­ters from all the Allied and Cen­tral powers. You’ll also find a batch of grisly Set­ting Rules for this most terri­ble of con­flicts, the his­tory of the war, and all the details you need to embra­ce dark and arca­ne secrets that may alter the out­co­me of the War to End All Wars!


Requi­res Sava­ge Worlds Core Rules to play, and the War Mas­ter needs the Weird War I War Master’s Hand­book as well.