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Editorial: Igrology

Lengua: Inglés.

Tipo: Juego de cartas

Edad: 10+

Jugadores: 2-5

Minutos: 20.

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Jue­go en inglés.

A game about buil­ding night­ma­res so terrif­ying you’ll see half of them in your dreams after­wards. You have cards repre­sen­ting Night Terrors, and the more of them you com­bi­ne in the right order, the more mons­ters will come to life, and the more horrif­ying they beco­me. Crea­te mons­ters that will make your oppo­nents gasp in horror. Nou­rish them with your own fear and make them stron­ger. Only then will you achie­ve vic­tory and beco­me the Mas­ter of Terror!

Each Night Terror is also asso­cia­ted with one of four Legions of Horror: Necro­mun­cu­li, Cons­tric­ti, Mans­ters, or Chi­me­ri­dae. A Terror’s legion is indi­ca­ted by the color of the card’s back­ground: blue stands for Necro­mun­cu­li, brown for Cons­tric­ti, green for Chi­me­ri­dae, and red for Mans­ters. A crea­tu­re can be made up of any Night Terrors, but pla­yers are bet­ter off wea­ving Crea­tu­res out of cards that all belong to the same legion.

The game con­ti­nues until one of the pla­yers com­ple­tes five Creatures—this pla­yer imme­dia­tely beco­mes the win­ner.